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The area formerly known as the Forbidden City has been given back to the city of Eindhoven after Philips's departure. Hereby, Eindhoven gained a unique area of 270,000 square meters with huge potential. Strijp-S lies inside the ring road: close enough to the centre to connect with the city, but sufficiently isolated to retain its own identity and to stick to its own development. Philips made a footprint of 27 hectares, on which 45 hectares of property will be realized and redeveloped. Housing corporation Trudo is one of the four developers who work on this area with great enthusiasm.

Urban development plan
The Triangle gets a environment that invites people to wander around: a labyrinth of streets and intimate places that fit the human scale. There is a lot of space for urban green, especially around the Leidingstraat, which will be given a new function. Skyscrapers up to 80 meters give the area an urban and international stature: the new constructions will be characterized by distinctive architecture. In 2014 we expect to complete the repurposing of the industrial heritage (130,000 square meters). The first newly constructed projects will be finished in 2015, which ultimately amounts to a total of 100,000 square meters.

Urban development plan Coenen for the Triangle.

Trudo doesn't just develop standard housing, but special (and affordable) housing concepts: lofts, condos and urban villas. The workspaces, particularly located in the Klokgebouw and Apparatenfabriek (Device Factory), focus on (starting) entrepreneurs in the creative industries. There are no chains and franchises in the Triangle, but innovative retail concepts like boutiques, pop-up stores and coming soon concepts. The hospitality concepts are also very different. Controversial, industrial restaurants like the ones in the Machinekamer and Ketelhuis are already functioning. There will be a rooftop restaurant located on top of the Veemgebouw (Warehouse) and a food court at street level. For relaxation there is ample space for urban sports like skateboarding, street and break dancing, BMX and bouldering. Culturally, you can indulge in concerts and performances in the halls of the Klokgebouw, study VOLT's new media, make music or listen to some bands at Popei or discover interesting stuff at the Ontdekfabriek (Discovery Factory).

An organic growth - no fixed plan - ensures that the Triangle has a pleasant mix of urban features. People are there to live and work, for shopping or for hospitality and the many cultural hotspots and events. That makes Strijp-S an exciting and lively place at any time of the day.