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Living in Strijp-S

Strijp-S is buzzing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only because people go out, shop and work in the area, but also because people actually live there. A standard apartment or a townhouse with white picket fences can be found in many places. Strijp-S wants to create it's own, original atmosphere, so you will only find special types of housing that contribute to a dynamic, urban feeling.


In the buildings Anton and Gerard Trudo constructed 276 lofts. These lofts are rental units with a spacious, open and industrial feel. The residents can decorate their lofts according to their own taste and insight, thanks to a compact and mobile unit where the kitchen and the bathroom are fit in. The loft apartments have lovely high ceilings (4.5 meters) as they were meant to be in the original factories. These ceilings give the lofts a raw, industrial touch. The huge windows provide great light and views.

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Not everything at Strijp-S is redeveloped heritage. We also build new homes. Beautiful, compact single floor studios, but also generous homes with two floors. The houses surround a common courtyard with greenery. We're not constructing this on a piece of empty land, but in the heart of Strijp-S, on top of the Veemgebouw!

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Eindhoven will gain a new landmark on its horizon with the Condo Tower. We introduce a new type of housing in the Netherlands: the condo. A condo is compact and therefore a very affordable living space of about 50 square meters. Condos are cleverly designed and laid out and they have a modern and luxury finishing. All necessary amenities fit in the limited area. The living space is flexible by using movable walls.

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