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Condos @ Condotoren

Eindhoven will gain a new landmark on its horizon with the Condo Tower. We introduce a new type of housing in the Netherlands: the condo. A condo is compact and therefore a very affordable living space of about 50 square meters. Condos are cleverly designed and laid out and they have a modern and luxury finishing. All necessary amenities fit in the limited area. The living space is flexible by using movable walls.

In een condo van 50 vierkante meter kun je niet alles kwijt, maar dat hoeft ook niet! In de toren komen (semi-)gemeenschappelijke voorzieningen die je wel nodig hebt, maar niet per se in je eigen huis hoeft te hebben. Er is een wasserette, stomerijservice, kookstudio, een luxe logeerkamer, condocafé met thuisbioscoop en een daktuin. Van je eigen condo kun je dan in alle rust en vrijheid je eigen urban cocoon maken!
Condo in Hong Kong

In a 50 square meter condo you can't store everything, but you don't need to! The Condo Tower will offer (semi-) common amenities that you might need, but not necessarily in your own home. There is a laundry room, dry cleaning service, cooking studio, a deluxe guest room, a condo cafe with a home theatre and a rooftop garden. In this way you'll have all the peace and freedom of turning your own condo into an urban cocoon!

Condo in Hong Kong