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Lofts @ Anton & Gerard

In the buildings Anton and Gerard Trudo constructed 276 lofts. These lofts are rental units with a spacious, open and industrial feel. The residents can decorate their lofts according to their own taste and insight, thanks to a compact and mobile unit where the kitchen and the bathroom are fit in. The loft apartments have lovely high ceilings (4.5 meters) as they were meant to be in the original factories. These ceilings give the lofts a raw, industrial touch. The huge windows provide great light and views.

The two white giants of the Hoge Rug (High Ridge), located at the Torenallee, have been substantially renovated with great attention for comfort. For example, all lofts have heating and cooling system that works with a sustainable thermal storage system. The design for the Anton building is from Diederendirrix architects. They brought distinctive oval staircases in the building, thus connecting spaces, sightlines and people with each other. Jo Coenen designed the Gerard building in a way that indoors en outdoors are connected through patios and voids.

Both buildings are accessible from the Triangle and from Torenallee on the other side. The ground floor has inviting passageways that connect the two areas with one another. Both buildings offer a pleasant stay in two huge gardens that cover the entire roofs: each building has a rooftop garden of 1,500 square meters!

The first residents moved in their new lofts in the fall of 2012. All of the 276 units have been rented out!