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Living on top of a warehouse

Not everything at Strijp-S is redeveloped heritage. We also build new homes. Beautiful, compact single floor studios, but also generous homes with two floors. The houses surround a common courtyard with greenery. We're not constructing this on a piece of empty land, but in the heart of Strijp-S, on top of the Veemgebouw!

The famous London firm Caruso St. John has addressed the old brick warehouse. They designed three brand new floors on top of the tenth floor. A Food Court is being constructed on the ground floor and on the upper floors there will be plenty of parking space. On the newly constructed floors will rise 38 completely unique rental houses and one house destined for owner-occupied housing (the only one Trudo will build at Strijp-S).

The bottom layer of the new construction accommodates compact Sky Suites: comfortable studios with large windows that offer a great view of Eindhoven. The two upper layers are intended for large penthouse homes with rooftop terraces. The view extends far beyond the Kempen area!

Rental Housing
On top of the Veemgebouw (Warehouse) will rise 39 homes of which 38 are rental properties. These compact Sky Suites of about 57 square meters have a free layout and a terrace at the cozy courtyard. Penthouses will be constructed on the upper floors. These measure 110 square meters, have 2 floors and a rooftop terrace. The rental rates are dependent on the type of home and start around € 600, - a month.

Owner-occupied house
Trudo builds just one owner-occupied house at Strijp-S. And what a beauty it is! It will be newly constructed on top of the warehouse, the last industrial monument that we will redevelop. If that job is done, we have given a new destination to 180,000 square meters of industrial heritage in 10 years time. This unique rooftop home will be the cherry on top of the cake. It's an opportunity to buy your own place. A place on top of the world!

The famous London firm Caruso St. John made a new design for the Veemgebouw, the former warehouse of Philips with its beautiful brick facades and rounded corners.

9 lower floors of the warehouse turn into a garage for those who live and/or work at Strijp-S and for the guests of the exclusive rooftop restaurant in the existing building on the roof. Culinary delights with phenomenal views ... which can be yours!

Living on the roof
We are going to raise the old warehouse with 3 new floors. 39 units will be constructed surrounding a common courtyard on the tenth floor, with cozy seating areas, mature trees and greenery. All rental properties measure from 60 to 110 square meters. All but one ... your rooftop property!

Your very own house
This rooftop house has three floors and a total living space of about 170 square meters. You can design it in the way you think is best. Would you like a studio downstairs, a living on the second floor and your bedroom on the third floor? Go ahead. At least you will have your own private rooftop terrace with an unprecedented view of the Kempen area and a great look out over the city. All the way downstairs Strijp-S buzzes, fizzes and calls you for a visit.

Surface area: approximately 170 square meters
Price: approximately € 460.000, -
Expected completion: spring 2014